Affording your 澳门水利博彩官方网站 education


澳门水利博彩官方网站 offers a variety of merit-based and need-based scholarships to help support your education, along with grants, student loans and student employment.

We are happy to help you search for and identify scholarship opportunities from organizations outside of 澳门水利博彩官方网站 as well as to assist you with your scholarship applications.

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Scholarship assistance

For general assistance, please contact the 澳门水利博彩官方网站 Financial Aid office at 414-382-6262 or

For assistance with scholarship essay writing, please contact the 澳门水利博彩官方网站 Communication Resource Center at 414-382-6016 or

The 澳门水利博彩官方网站 Career Studio offers assistance with writing and updating resumes. Contact them at 414-382-6010 or find more information here.

For scholarships that require academic transcripts, you can submit this request form to the 澳门水利博彩官方网站 Registrar or call them at 414-382-6370.